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I am Shubhra – A passionate abstract artist from India.
Art for me was always a hobby, my escape from other people, from school and studies, a purifying exercise I’d do when I needed to get away. I was introduced to art at an early age. But it wasn’t something I even considered when it came to picking a college major or a career. Instead, I studied Geography for three years, later fell in love with Interior Designing, and painted when I needed a reprieve.

Interior designing gave me as much artistic freedom, but in truth, it wasn’t until I designed few beautiful homes and commercial spaces, that I realised I was an artist not using my skills completely.

I started painting every day, modelling my work after some of my favourite abstract and impressionist artists. I still remember the day i purchased my first big blank canvas and started painting my emotions on it. I shared pictures of the painting and to my joy one of my previous design client wanted to buy it for his new home and ordered a commission.

I was lucky to get validation in the art world very early and since then, I’ve learned to trust the process. I’ve slowed down. I’ve taken breaks. And what keeps me coming back is this human desire to be seen, to expose my innermost self and share her with others.

Be it watercolour or acrylics or digital painting, my art is slowly evolving as I continue to explore different media. Each process is hypnotising, and I sincerely intend not be mechanical and follow my intuition.


-There is one painting I keep just for me – my first work on canvas !! It was hard to avoid the temptation of selling, but I feel I deserved my very first, for myself.
-I am fluent in four languages and semi fluent in one.
Despite my neutral colour palette, my home-décor is very colourful. Name a colour and you have it.
-People staring at my painting, while I paint makes me immensely nervous, I make it a point to close the studio doors and paint in solitary.


@ zuri_canvas

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